Benefits of Having Dental Implants

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Dental implants are an effective and popular tooth replacement option. In the United States alone, dental professionals place more or less five million implants every year. While these things have a couple of drawbacks, they have a lot of benefits, most of which other replacement options cannot provide or do not provide at all. For most patients, these advantages far outweigh the disadvantages. If people have lost teeth, listed below are some benefits of having a dental implant.

They are very versatile

Partial dentures, bridges, or full dentures are all limited when it comes to how many teeth dentists can replace. Because of this, the patient’s treatment options may be limited depending on how many teeth they have lost. On the other hand, they are pretty versatile treatments. 

It can be fitted with a crown for single tooth replacement, partial dentures or bridges for multiple replacements, or a full denture to replace all the teeth in the patient’s mouth. It will enable people and their dental professionals to design the best treatment for them.

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They are more comfortable

These things are embedded directly into the patient’s jawbone to simulate the tooth’s root and provide the prosthetic with more support and strength. During its healing process, the jaw usually grows around the rod in the lower jaw, holding it firmly in place. 

It adds stability and helps the implant feel precisely like a natural tooth, so much so that the patient is more likely to forget they are even there in the first place. Other replacement options just can’t simulate the feeling of having tooth roots, so they do not feel as natural or secure as implants do.

The contrast between traditional dentures and the comfort of implant-based dentures is most likely dramatic. These things make sure that the denture is secured and locked firmly in place, removing the discomfort of loose or tight dentures and the need for patients to deal with messy adhesives. These benefits convince a lot of individuals to choose dental implants over traditional ones.

Dental implants make it a lot easier for people to speak

The teeth play a very important role in helping people form specific sounds, so missing a couple of teeth, especially the front ones, can cause a big difference in an individual’s speech pattern. Similarly, a loose denture can slide as people speak, causing them to lisp or slur. It can be distracting and embarrassing. The person with this problem is continually worrying about whether their dentures will slip or not, even worrying about what their voice will sound like.

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These things can fix various problems

If a person has teeth gaps, it provides a strong surface for the tongue to press against when speaking or forming words, immediately making speaking a lot easier. Not only that, an implant-supported artificial tooth is firmly in place by deeply rooted implant rods, preventing them from sliding or slipping around in the mouth. Because of this, dental implants enable the user to speak without any problems confidently.

It allows people to eat their favorite foods

If people are missing a couple of molars, they most likely know how much of a difference a couple of missing teeth can make in their ability to chew food with ease. Not only that, since these implants are firmly situated to the jawbone, these types of dentures do not carry the same food restrictions that conventional dentures do. People can keep eating their favorite crunchy or chewy foods. 

Even if you eat corn on the cob every day, you will not worry about swallowing your dentures. People will also never run the risk of their dentures slipping while they are eating. It means they can eat whatever they like in public without worrying about public embarrassment.

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They look natural

With the help of modern technology and materials, implants look as realistic as natural teeth. Prosthetics are explicitly designed for the client, making sure their smile looks natural and as great as it feels. If the person has healthy, natural teeth, their prosthetics are made to blend in with their natural teeth perfectly. 

Even dentures look pretty realistic, with the use of acrylic gums that are made to match the color of our natural gums. Whenever people put a bridge or crown on their implants, other individuals will not know which of their teeth are prosthetics and which are natural.

It can help increase people’s self-confidence

If a person has gaps in their smile, they usually know just how self-conscious it can make them. It is easy to get wrapped up in what the public thinks of their tooth gap or worry about how they affect their speech. Dental implants can provide individuals smiles that both feel and look natural, allowing them to smile and speak comfortably, efficiently, and with confidence. People can simply have fun without wasting a thought on how their smile looks in front of other people.

They are very durable

Implants are very durable. That is why the benefits of dental implants are unlimited. With the right dental hygiene, it will last for a lifetime. But wear and tear will require people to replace their implant crown every ten or fifteen years. On the contrary, the entire bridge will need to be replaced at least every five years or so, and since the bone loss in the jaw is inevitable, it needs regular adjustments to keep it fit the mouth properly. 

Its durability will save users a lot of money, time, and energy in the long run since it does not require regular adjustments. Once it is implanted in the jawbone, they are incredibly sturdy and hassle-free. If individuals have lost their teeth, modern dentistry has a lot of excellent tooth-replacement options they can choose from. 

But if they are a candidate for implants, they can get the best possible treatment available in the market; they are durable, versatile, as well as work to restore the teeth while protecting their short-term and long-term dental health. If appropriately cared for, these things become a permanent part of people’s smiles, keeping them beautiful and healthy for a lifetime.