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Defects By Using The Weed Products For The Breast Feeding Mothers

It is already known that the using of the marijuana products can lead some negative health effects in the human body. The smoking of marijuana and weed products is making the heart beat rates twice faster than the normal heart beat rate. In addition to that they can cause some more defects in the internal infections and liver damages for the human body. Some of the defects caused to the human body for the consuming of the marijuana products are Dizziness, slower in breathing and some other thinking disabilities. It is general, that the weed products are causing more side effects, and then what are the defects for the breastfeeding mothers? The consumption of the marijuana and the weed products are ensured to give more defects than the common people consuming it. For the breastfeeding mothers who are consuming the some of the weed products in the form of tea, brownies and the smoke are directly affects the health and the immune level of their baby. This is because the highest presence of the THC components in the marijuana consuming mothers who are giving the breastfeeding to their baby.

Negative Side Effects For The Baby From Weed Consuming Mothers

THC is abbreviated as Tetrahydrocannabinol, which is the chemical element easily getting identified in their urine samples. Apart from that, there is no other means of medium to release the THC components, except through the breast milk. So the smoking weed while breastfeeding get induce the THC components get mixed with the breast milk of the mother given to the baby. As it directly affects the baby immune levels. The THC components are like a fat consumed in the baby body. Usually the breast milk has more than 4.3 grams of the fat; if the THC is combined with the breast milk can able to increase the fat contents in the baby body. So the baby must get some health side effects from the weed consuming mother. Some of the defects that caused by the THC to the baby is lacking in speech development, lower motor function in the baby body, even some obese problems to the baby. However, the absolute effects of the weed for the breastfeeding mother are not purely isolated, but sure it directly affects the breastfeeding baby.