How to Choose the Right Lasik Surgeon

Are you looking for the right surgeon who will help you have better vision? Do you need an eye specialist who is qualified to do LASIK eye surgery? Then this article will be of great help. But how does one assess an eye surgeon’s skill?

To help you determine whether the surgeon you prefer is the real deal, here are some highly effective ways you can do to find out about your doctor’s skills and expertise:

Ask the nurses– ask the persons who always interact with the surgeon while at work. They see the mistakes and successes of the doctor, they see how he or she handles stress, and they know if he is to be recommended or not. You may ask permission for short interviews from the Nursing Director or the Nurse Manager. This way you will not be sneaking around to ask questions. Here are some helpful questions to get you started:

  • Would you recommended this doctor to one of your relatives?
  • Can you share some of success stories of this surgeon?

Their overall opinion about these random questions will give you an idea whether you should trust your safety to this doctor or not.

Your doctor’s recommendation– do you have a family doctor such as a pediatrician or obstetrician/gynecologist? Then you may ask them for recommendations on who should you visit for LASIK eye surgery. These family doctors will definitely have a list of recommendations. They will also not put their reputation and your trust at risk by referring the wrong guy. Since he or she knows your family’s health history, they will have a good idea of who would be a perfect match for your needs. Once you already have a name, ask your doctor why he recommends this surgeon. Is he known in the industry for delivering great results? Will your doctor send his or her family member to this surgeon in case of emergency? Just like the queries above, this will give you enough tips to make the right choice.


Colleague, relatives, or friend’s recommendation– if you know a colleague who wears prescription glasses or who has underwent a LASIK eye surgery, then go ahead and ask if they know any trusted eye surgeon in the area.

Research on the Internet – tap into the collective feedback of thousands of patients online by doing a research. Check and read how they rate physicians based on their own experiences.

You can also visit these centres to make your search extra convenient:

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