How to Get a Clear Drug Test


How to Get a Clear Drug Test

If you notice your employee’s sudden decrease in productivity, outbursts, fatigue, or red eyes, you may suspect something. The first thing that may cross your mind might be substance abuse. It is not a surprising thing nowadays. It is only in this century that they are gaining in popularity. Humankind has finally decided to legalize it. However, it is not a guarantee that your employer will agree with this. There are still some controversy and negative feelings toward drug use. You might get in trouble for using while trying to keep a job.

Drug tests in the workplace are quite common. They can be regularly done just to keep an eye on the employees. Sometimes they can be done because the employer suspects someone to be using by how they behave. There are different types of tests. Many employees will try to cheat and pass the tests. They may buy lots of products to help them detox and clear their body of toxins. If you want to read more about drugs and how long they stay in your body, you can do it here

Why are Drug Tests Done?

Most businesses worry about profit. They are focused on their workers’ productivity. Drug abuse can seriously damage the productiveness of the workers. So, this is one reason why drug tests are performed. Another reason is to keep the reputation of the whole business. They do not want to be associated with substance abusers. That is why tests are often done before employment. Many drug tests can even detect alcohol and nicotine levels. 

There are a lot of cases when a parent may suspect their child of using. There are many home tests for these cases available in pharmacies and online. Also, rehabilitation centers like to keep track of how well their residents are doing. So, they regularly check them out by doing random tests. 

Tips How to Get a Clear Drug Test

Employers may sometimes give notice before they do the drug test. That way, you will know about it and do everything in your power to pass it. The very first thing you should do is stop using immediately. You do not have to give up drugs. You just have to pause for the time being. Then, you can look for detox products to help you, or you could try detoxing naturally. Detox products come in many shapes and sizes and different prizes. You just have to browse and find the right one for you. 

There are also many homemade remedies that you could try. The most important thing to know is to hydrate. You should drink as much water and natural juices as you can. You will improve your metabolism. You should also try to keep off the alcohol for the time being. A healthier diet will undoubtedly help you achieve better results. You should stay away from junk food as much as you can. If you want to find out more tips, this website has excellent information on how to pass a drug test no problem.

Factors that Affect How Long the Drug will Stay in your System

Many factors can affect how long the drug stays in your system. You may think that your weight, age, and metabolism aren’t that important. However, they are crucial factors in the detox process. If your metabolism is slow, the drugs will stay in your system longer. How frequently you use is very important. If you do this rarely, the chances of you getting a clear drug test are greater.  Also, it all depends on the type of analysis. Some drugs will be shown on a urine test but not on the blood test. That is because the drugs do not stay that long in the blood.  

The type of drug you used before the test is relevant. Some drugs stay in your system for shorter amounts of time. Heroin and meth can be detected 3 days after use. MDMA can be seen 4 days after. Unfortunately, marihuana stays the longest in your system. It can take up a whole week for it to pass your system. It can get a bit tricky to get rid of it. That is why many will try to cheat.

Diluting Urine Samples


This may be the most common case of trying to cheat on a urine drug test. Employees may think they can trick the system by drinking lots of fluids before the test. If they have used some drug, there is a possibility that it won’t be detected in the diluted pee. Sometimes they add water to the pee before they give out the sample. However, laboratories that test the samples can quickly notice this. They know if you want to trick them. So, they may call you back for a second test.

Using Someone Else’s Pee

When you find out that you have a urine drug test coming in a few days and you know you won’t pass it, it may cross your mind to use someone else’s pee. You may ask a friend for a favor. This is also a popular method of cheating. Sometimes, people use synthetic urine or animal urine just to pass their test. There are even some who buy powdered urine packets and mix it with water. They will certainly do anything just to get a clear drug test.

Delaying the Test

Some workers will try to postpone the test. They may come up with various excuses why they can’t do the test at the time being. But their behavior is suspicious already. They think that they need to wait and let the body detox on their own. However, they should take all factors into consideration. Not everyone processes the substance the same way. For some, it can take a lot longer for their body to get rid of the drug. Also, some tests, like the hair test, can show past drug use up to 3 months ago. So, if you are a regular drug user, you may be in big trouble.