How yoga in the workplace can improve your productivity

If you’re a busy professional, then the idea of taking half an hour or more out of your working day to practice yoga may sound absurd. You barely have enough time in the day to complete all of your tasks as it is without adding more to your plate. In reality, scheduling time for yoga in the workplace, whether you’re working by yourself at home or in an office full of people, could actually increase the amount of work you get done, and if you wish to consider yoga Cardiff is home to yoga teachers who come to your place of work, minimising down time.
Here are a few ways how yoga can help to improve workplace productivity:
Helps you stay focused
If you work non-stop without a break, it is difficult to maintain your concentration and you may find yourself losing focus. This means that you are more prone to make small mistakes that could cost you big, and you’ll also find that it will take you longer to complete normal tasks. Taking regular breaks will help you to stay focused on the task in hand, boosting productivity by allowing you to work quicker and more efficiently. Yoga’s emphasis on breathing will help you to focus throughout the working day and gives your mind a break from work.
Boosts energy
Sitting down for too long has been shown to be bad for our health. Have you ever spent a day doing nothing and wondered why you were exhausted at the end of it? Getting up and walking about periodically will help to keep you more alert, and doing exercise such as yoga is even better for boosting your energy throughout the working day as it releases endorphins, keeping you from nodding off behind your computer screen.
Improves wellbeing
Happy and healthy employees are much less likely to develop illnesses and take days off work sick. As yoga is a great practice for both the body and the mind, regularly taking part in it will effectively look after the physical and mental wellbeing of your employees, so more work will get done throughout the year.
Reduces stress
If you or your employees are stressed about the amount of work they have to do or about problems in their personal life, then a lot of problems can arise. Stressed employees will find it more difficult to concentrate on their work and are more likely to take time off work due to sickness, for example. Yoga is a calming and relaxing activity which will help its practitioners to manage their stress and shut out their worries.
Encourages teamwork
Doing something together as a team is a good way to boost morale in the office and develop working relationships between employees, so you’ll function better as a team. Yoga can be a fun way of developing a more positive atmosphere and encourage your employees to support and motivate each other in learning a new pursuit.
If you want to boost productivity in your workplace, then it is important to take regular breaks. Make these breaks fun and beneficial to the mind, body and souls of your employees with workplace yoga sessions.