Fun and Chic Purple Blue Hair Ideas

The purple blue hair colour styles are like observing the starry sky. There are numerous options you can opt for when you are looking for a vibrant hair shade that is unique. There are no hair colour shades that are more gorgeous than these.
These hair colour ideas are just mesmerizing and can be found out there. If you want to make definition and stand out from the crowd, choosing purple blue hairstyles is the first step to accomplishing this. Click here to read more on how to achieve this look.

  • Peek-A-Boo Highlights

It is not mandatory to apply a full-shade so that you can enjoy these stunning purple and blue colours. All you need is some few bright highlights to rock a new look.

  • Mermaid Colours

A beautiful blue tone that will leave you thinking that you are the king of the seas and oceans. It is light, unique and pretty captivating.

  • Bright Blue

A mix of purple blue hair colour is what you need to rock this beautiful look. An elegant shade that is sure to turn heads.

  • Pale Shades

Purple and blue complement each other with a magical look. When the two shades are pale, you result in a mysterious look.

  • Deep Purple

These deep colours will leave you excited.  It is ideally a neon emanating from black hair.

  • Purple Highlights

Just some ombre highlights and everything pops. You don’t have to alter your entire hair colour to get a fresh new look.

  • Purple Pop

A deep purple is what makes this haircut amazing. If you want some transformations in your dark hair, then try a new shade. It looks lovable with dark hair.

  • Bright Highlights

A combination of vibrant shades that really highlights the blonde hair. If you are falling in love with your blonde and you need to spice up the look, this is an ideal colour to help you accomplish that.

  • Shocking Electric Blue

An exciting blue hue that is electrifying in style. If you are looking for a Rockstar colour, then this is the colour you have been searching for.

  • Double Sided

This is a great hairstyle where one side is coloured purple and the other side blue. For the lovers of vibrant colours, you will surely like this one.

  • Cascading Purples

Fine and dark purples blended together gives you an excellent colour blend.  Throw some vibrant tints of blue to complete the whole style.

  • Neon Colours

A great style with colour schemes that you will fall in love with. They are vibrant shades with neon colour in them. You will surely like the shades. They are just beautiful to the eye!

  • A Touch of Green

A gorgeous and mysterious blue. Throw some hints of blue to accentuate the entire look. Numerous colour schemes make this look stunning.